The aims and outputs of our case site work with community planning partnerships in Aberdeenshire, Fife, Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire.

We mainly used a collaborative action research approach to work with specific community planning partnerships involved in the design and delivery of public services to:
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  • learn what is and what isn’t working in their local area
  • encourage collaborative learning with a range of local authority, business, public sector and community partners
  • better understand what effective policy interventions and effective services look like
  • promote the use of evidence in planning and service delivery
  • help organisations get the skills and knowledge they need to use and interpret evidence
  • create case studies for wider sharing and sustainability

About the case sites


In Aberdeenshire the collaborative action research has focused on the development of community planning and health and social care integration across strategic, operational and community partnership-working.


In Fife the collaborative action research inquiries sought to improve central-local CPP processes by exploring a school intervention initiative, the development of a community welfare hub, and different collaborative approaches to support families in deprived areas.


In Glasgow we used a variety of approaches to grow the capacity to capture evidence and use it for insight and decision-making. The focus was on using evidence to inform a ten-year place-based initiative called Thriving Places, and on participatory budgeting.

West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire’s interests were in public service reform at the neighbourhood level and community-led action planning.

Our approach to collaborative action research

More than 10 differently shaped cogwheels in different colours connected with grey linesDiscover more about our approach to collaborative action research and the learning about collaborative action research (CAR) that has emerged from our work in the multi-agency, multi-practitioner public service environments in the four case sites.