Educational needs and experiences of refugee children in Scotland

Research report, executive summary and literature review examining how public services, primarily schools but also other services such as health and social care, are meeting the educational provision needs of refugee children in Scotland. It focuses not only on the ‘formal’ aspects of education but also the school as a site for integration for refugee children and their families.

Transforming communities? Exploring the roles of community anchor organisations in public service reform, local democracy, community resilience and social change

Report, summary and policy briefing which explores the developing role of key independent community sector organisations known as community anchors. Using six exemplars, it identifies characteristics of a community anchor organisations and their roles in engaging with, leading and challenging public service reform, local democracy, community resilience and social change.

Community Planning Officials Survey: Understanding the everyday work of local participatory governance in Scotland

Report and executive summary of the findings from the first survey of community planning officials (managers and officers) conducted in Scotland. It sheds light on the composition of this significant group of local public servants, their role, the work they undertake and the implications for community planning partnerships and community engagement.

What Do Citizens Want?

Research report that reveals the profound effect of formal and informal relationships on people’s wellbeing as seen through the experiences of users of housing services. Produced by the Carnegie UK Trust with support from What Works Scotland.