Paris and Participatory Budgeting: reflections from Glasgow on the PB study visit to Paris

In this guest blog post Evelyn O’Donnell from Glasgow City Council describes some highlights and some early learning points from a two-day study visit to Paris for members of the Glasgow Participatory Budgeting Collaborative Action Research group, supported by What Works Scotland.

Paris and Participatory Budgeting: perceptions, participation and parallels from a Fife perspective

In this guest blog post Coryn Barclay, Julie Dickson, and David McGrath from Fife Council reflect on what they learned from a fact-finding visit to Paris to look at how participatory budgeting is being delivered in an international context. The study trip was supported by What Works Scotland.

Collaborative Inquiry Exploring Data and Knowledge-sharing Practices in Responses to Welfare Sanctions

Report and resources from a collaborative action research inquiry in Fife which examined data about welfare sanctions and how it can be used to support people who are at risk of or receive a benefit sanction. Fife is one of the four case sites where What Works Scotland has worked with community planning partnerships using collaborative action research for public service reform.