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What Works Scotland holds seminars, workshops and conferences to share our research findings and promote discussion. We also organise events with partners.

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Past events

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Britain after Brexit: the political and economic choices ahead

Sir Martin Donnelly, former permanent secretary at the UK Department of International Trade, gave this Policy Scotland lecture.

Research, collaboration and inspection: towards a research-informed system

In this seminar Professor Daniel Muijs, Head of Research at OfSTED, spoke about encouraging the development of evidence-informed approaches across the education sector.

Evidence to Action: what works for public service reform

Seminar which presented key What Works Scotland learnings from Evidence to Action projects and practical advice and tools for incorporating the use of evidence in decision-making and public service delivery.

Experiences of refugee resettlement in Scotland

This workshop was focused deepening our understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by refugees who have resettled in Scotland. It shared the findings from two new What Works Scotland research reports which looked at how public services are responding to meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

Peer learning opportunity between What Works Scotland and Jam and Justice Action Research Co-operative (Greater Manchester)

This opportunity, organised  by What Works Scotland and the Jam and Justice Action Research Co-operative (ARC) based in Greater Manchester, offered a range of facilitated peer exchange and learning activities focused on our shared interests and approaches.

The potential of community anchor organisations to engage with, lead and challenge the reform of public services in Scotland

A seminar to share our learnings about community anchors and their role in public service reform. It offered space for dialogue, discussion and deliberation on community anchors, the community sector and their relationship to public service reform.

‘Disinvestment’, or ‘freeing up’ resources for reinvestment?

This seminar, run by What Works Scotland in partnership with ScotPHN and NHS Health Scotland, examined issues around changing the balance of spend for emphasis on prevention and to shift the balance of care away from hospitals into social care in the community. It considered the assumptions around disinvestment, and how to measure and realise potential savings in prevention.

Report launch: Key findings from the Survey of Community Planning Officials in Scotland

NEW! Watch the video! This webinar which was an opportunity to learn more about the findings from the first ever Community Planning Officials Survey and discuss what it means for community planning work, public service reform and community empowerment.

Taking a Deliberative Approach to Complexity: What can we learn from the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit?

This seminar examined what we can learn from the experience of holding a Citizens’ Assembly about Brexit and consider the role of participatory processes like this in current decision-making in Scotland.

Hard-to-reach or easy-to-ignore? A review of evidence about equality in community engagement

Watch the video of this event, which shared the findings of an evidence review exploring the intersection between community engagement and equality.

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