Seminar which looked at the role of co-production, its role in reforming public services and how co-production can best be used to help develop sustainable and effective public services. Part of Co-production Week Scotland 2017.

Co-production is becoming increasingly important in reforming public services as they try to meet the challenges associated with implementing new ways of working. It has the potential to transform our public service and change the relationship between those who develop and deliver our service and those who use them.

Logo for Co-Production Week Scotland 2017

The aim of this day was to broadly look at the role of co-production and how it can best be used to help develop sustainable and effective public services.

The day included presentations and participative workshops intended to help develop a common understanding of what works in co-production.

Topics covered included:

  • Implementing effective co-production for public service reform.
  • The role of co-production in developing governance and effective integrated working.
  • Spreading co-produced services from one site to another.
  • The role of co-production in community development.

Attendees included community groups, service providers, policy makers and academics with an interest in co-production.

  • Friday 1 December
  • The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow

This event was part of Co-Production Week  2017, co-ordinated by the Scottish Community Development Centre.


The presentations were:

Empowerment in Action resources from the Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) include GDA’s Annual Impact Report 2016-17 and the following film.

More information is on the Empowerment in Action! page on the GDA website.