This event shared the findings of an evidence review which explores the intersection between community engagement and equality.

Conducted by Dr Ruth Lightbody of Glasgow Caledonian University, the evidence review is part of the What Works Scotland Evidence Bank and contributes to ongoing research on community engagement and capacity building.

The key motivation for this review of the literature is to explore the intersection between community engagement and equality. This is important because inequalities in health, wealth, income, education and so on, can be seen as stemming from inequalities in power and influence. Therefore, community engagement processes can simply reproduce existing inequalities, unless they are designed and facilitated to distribute influence by ensuring diversity and inclusion.

The review is guided by the following questions:

  • How is the relationship between equality and community engagement conceptualised in the literature?
  • What are the key dimensions and factors in the relationship between community engagement and equality? (i.e. in terms of both process and outcomes)
  • What strategies and approaches can promote equality in community engagement?

The review addresses issues relevant to the public and third sectors, as well as the research community in academia, government and civil society.

Dr Oliver Escobar from What Works Scotland presented on behalf of Dr Ruth Lightbody from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Panel contributions came from:

Held on Monday 11 December 2017 at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, University of Edinburgh


Evidence review