Governments around the world are experimenting with ways to involve people and communities in decisions that affect their lives.

This event was an opportunity to hear about a range of examples and explore how we can apply the learning in our work. There were lots of opportunity to engage in discussion with the guest speakers.

It was hosted by Sarah Davidson, Director General Communities at Scottish Government.

The speakers were:

  • Simon Burall, Chief Executive of Involve, the civil society organisation working nationally and internationally to promote citizen participation in government decision-making
  • Professor James Mitchell of What Works Scotland who has been involved in developing our understanding of successful participation in Scotland.

Participation Week

Participation Week was a chance for all those involved in public services to learn together about how we involve people more in the development and delivery of policies and services and think about the impact that can make.

It provided space to think about how we put people at the centre of our work, why this matters and explore what we really mean by ‘participation’. As well as an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, tools and techniques, the sessions included conversations about what support is needed to deliver greater participation.


Date: 10 June 2016