Video of a webinar which an opportunity to learn more about the findings from the first ever Community Planning Officials Survey and discuss what it means for community planning work, public service reform and community empowerment. 

Dr Oliver Escobar, lead researcher on the survey, presented the findings in detail, reflecting specifically on the challenging aspect of the role of community planning officials (managers and officers) – their leadership at the frontline of culture change in local governance. The survey examines the skills and knowledge that people bring to the community planning role and the structural issues that have an impact on the job.

Community planning has only been part of the public sector landscape for around 20 years. However that has been a time of huge change in the governmental structures, funding and ways of working. The latest new facet for community planning, and the public and third sectors more widely, is the Community Empowerment Act;  the seminar looked at what the survey tells us about the challenges and opportunities that brings. What does it mean for joint working, decision-making and governance?


Watch the video

  1. Introduction : 0-3 minutes
  2. Presentation: 3 – 47 minutes
  3. Q&A: 47 – 1 hour 6 minutes

This video is also available on YouTube.

Transcript: Report Launch – Key Findings from the Survey of Community Planning Officials in Scotland (PDF)

Questions and comments

  • Were all the CPOs employed by councils? Is there any plan or capacity to use the second survey to canvass CP partners who are not based at councils
  • Interesting to see if social media appears as a method of engagement in the second wave?
  • Any thoughts on formal qualifications that could be developed to support the recommendation about training and capacity building for CPOs?
  • Are there examples of good practice on how to engage members of the community who are not engaged in traditional groups?
  • Community Councils often provide a negative communication channel from the local areas. What changes do you see as necessary to make them more integrated into the CPP and therefore more engaged.
  • Can you say more about what’s needed to make CPPs spaces for participatory governance? How is culture change achieved?
  • As a communications and engagement lead for the NHS on health and social care, I want to get a better understanding of the priorities and challenges CPP colleagues have.


The webinar took place on Tuesday 24 April, 2018.