What Works Scotland recently published an in-depth case study focused on Operation Modulus in the Gorbals but this blog asks what is the purpose of a case study and how can people learn from them?

Author: Richard Brunner, What Works Scotland

Date: 29 April 2016

What Works Scotland research associate, Richard Brunner, takes the example of Operation Modulus to demonstrate the potential of a case study. Operation Modulus was a successful gang-violence intervention in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. Human beings make sense of the world to each other through the medium of story-telling, which is why case studies appeal.

The Gorbals example demonstrated the power of collaborative leadership, patient partnership development, innovative co-production to achieve success – creating better opportunities for young people and a more peaceful life for some 10,000 people in Glasgow.

The principles behind Operation Modulus are those through which the Christie Commission expects all public services to work, but there is little evidence of how they do it in practice. Case studies highlight new ways of understanding an issue, but also invite people to enjoy, criticise and examine different elements of a story. They help people understand how elements of the world operate.

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