Coryn Barclay, Research Consultant at Fife Council, blogs about sharing learning from Scotland at an international conference on participatory budgeting (PB).

Author: Coryn Barclay, Fife Council 

Date: 15 November 2018

Coryn took part in took part in an international learning visit to Paris in December 2016.  Two years on, she was invited to participate in an international round table discussion at the Third National Meeting of Participatory Budgeting, hosted by the City of Montreuil on 8/9 November 2018, again in Paris.

She gave a presentation based on Fife’s experience, highlighting what we have learned from reflecting on Fife’s PB Story since 2010, and where there might be opportunities in Scotland to move to the mainstream to meet the target of 1% of a local authority budget set by PB by 2021.

She explains that for the French audience, the Fife example was quite different from the way that many cities in France are implementing PB because:

  1. Fife is not a city, but a diverse geographical area with a mix of urban and rural areas
  2. That the starting point has been greater engagement of local communities through small grants, rather than large scale capital projects.

However, that was the aim of the international round table discussion: to expand and broaden out the thinking about PB in France.

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