Report of the first collaborative retreat for representatives from each of the case study partners and the What Works Scotland team.


At the heart of the What Works Scotland initiative is a programme of collaborative action research that is being taken forward with representatives from four case study community planning partnerships: Aberdeenshire, Fife, Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire.

Collaborative retreats are intensive, residential events for representatives from the case study partners and What Works Scotland.

The aims of these events are to:

  • Support case study partners to plan and implement successful action research projects in their local areas.
  • Foster effective learning and sharing within and between case study partners and the wider What Works Scotland team.
  • Enable What Works Scotland to capture learnings and evidence emerging from across case study partners to inform the development of findings and recommendations about what works in public service reform.

The retreats provide an important opportunity to support case study partners to take forward their action research projects, and for What Work Scotland to capture learning about the nature of the public service reform issues with which case study partners are wrestling. To facilitate this, written notes were taken of the discussions along with audio recordings, with the written consent of attendees.

The first retreat was attended by up to five representatives from each of the case study partners, and the What Works Scotland team including PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

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Collaborative Action Retreat Report: summary of retreat held in June 2015 (PDF)

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Authors: Hayley Bennett, Nick Bland, Claire Bynner, Richard Brunner, Ailsa Cook, James Henderson

Publication date: October 2015

Type of publication: Event report