A report from a community-led action planning event organised by What Works Scotland and West Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership in October 2015.


This community-led action planning event was held as part of the process of the What Works Scotland collaborative action research.

What Works Scotland has been working with the local community planning team to develop collaborative action research projects to address local priorities for public service reform. The early preparatory phase of our work examined the background to a new neighbourhood approach to community planning in West Dunbartonshire, known locally as ‘Your Community’.

This approach aligns to the post-Christie Commission agenda for public service reform that is reflected in forms of community planning that are more responsive to local needs and community assets. ‘Your Community’ seeks to strengthen and enable community-led approaches to action planning.

The objectives for the day were to:

  1. To increase understanding of the ‘Your Community’ approach to planning services at a neighbourhood level in West Dunbartonshire.
  2. To improve knowledge of the Community Empowerment Act and its implications in relation to current and new practice.
  3. To share and generate innovative ideas on planning, facilitating and supporting Community-led Action Planning
  4. To build on existing connections and discover opportunities for collaboration with other practitioners.

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Community-led Action Day Report (PDF)

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Author: Claire Bynner

Date of publication: March 2016

Type of publication: Event report