Report that compiles reflections from the participants in What Works Scotland and shares the learning from the set-up and operation of this innovative, creative and complex research collaboration. 


Covers of a variety of What Works Scotland reports and resourcesTo capture the learning at the conclusion of What Works Scotland, a reflective exercise was undertaken inviting everyone who had played a part in What Works Scotland over its four-year period from the Economic and Social Research Council, the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and the Scottish Government.

The participants were asked to respond to a set of questions via email; or to attend a facilitated reflections event in December 2018. Notes made on the day by the event facilitator and by two scribes were combined with the written responses and analysed.

This short report draws out the key learning from this exercise. It reviews key achievements and summarises the challenges and learning from What Works Scotland.

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Author: Justine Geyer, Principal Researcher, LGAS: Local Governance & Reform Research / HSCA: Population Health, Scottish Government

Type of publication: Report

Date of publication: October 2019

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