Research report that reveals the profound effect of formal and informal relationships on people’s wellbeing as seen through the experiences of users of housing services. Produced by the Carnegie UK Trust.

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This study looks in-depth at a small number of users of housing services, asking what makes their lives meaningful and exploring how support services fit into their lives.

It shows the profound effect that formal and informal relationships can have on people’s wellbeing. It finds that people were generally more positive about support services when they were seen to be ‘going the extra mile’. But this poses a dilemma for services.

The report discusses these issues through the eyes of both the users and professional support services.

This project was carried out in partnership with the Carnegie UK Trust, University of Edinburgh, Lorretto Housing Association, LinkLiving and Blackwood.

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Author: Jenny Brotchie

Dr Oliver Escobar, from University of Edinburgh and What Works Scotland, sponsored the research and provided ongoing support.

Date of publication: October 2017. See more about the launch event.

Type of publication: Research report

Copyright: The text of this work is licensed under the Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.