What Works Scotland is a joint project between the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh, with partners from voluntary and public sector organisations.

Person Role and areas of work
Peter Craig Co-director | Lead on Evaluation approaches
Chris Chapman Co-director | Lead on Improvement and effectiveness, and Collaborative action research
Oliver Escobar Co-director | Lead on Governance and Community engagement
Nick Watson Co-director | Lead on Capabilities and outcomes, staffing, finance and coordination
Hayley Bennett Research Associate
Richard Brunner Research Associate
Claire Bynner Research Associate
James Henderson Research Associate
Linda Christie Research Associate
Kevin Lowden Research Associate
Nai Rui Chng Research Associate
Jenny Brotchie University of Edinburgh Knowledge Exchange Fellow
Daniel van Amersfoort Research Assistant
Maureen McBride Research Assistant
Lynda Frazer What Works Scotland manager
Lucy Janes Communications administrator
Simon Kershaw Events coordinator


Sonnda Catto: Third sector and local authority partnership working project.

PhD students

Former staff and associates