Anna Terje left What Works Scotland in February 2017.

Research associate

Anna Terje is working with Claire Bynner in examining the use of evidence in public service reform in West Dunbartonshire, one of the four What Works Scotland case study areas.

About Anna’s research

Anna has a background in sociology with experience in the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Anna Terje

After completing undergraduate and Master of Research degrees in Sociology at the University of Glasgow, Anna began work on a PhD, examining issues of belonging and identifications among the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

She conducted ethnographic fieldwork in four different locations in Finland, specifically making use of participant observation and in-depth interviews to collect data. Her research situates the lived experience of Swedish-speakers in the contemporary context of Finland, within the framework of the complex history and relationship Sweden has had with Finland, the resulting public debates, as well as the policy context and special position Swedish holds in Finland.

Crucially, her research goes beyond current understandings of the nature of the minority by bringing out the complexities of identification and belonging as experienced by Swedish-speakers themselves, and the vast regional and individual differences in the experience of being a Swedish-speaker in contemporary Finland.

Work on accessibility of data

Beyond her work at university, Anna has also undertaken an internship at the Scottish Government as a part of the Health and Social Care Analytical team, analysing data on mental health and social care and considering ways to make the data more accessible for a variety of stakeholders.

This has led to her taking a keen interest in accessibility of data and the challenges this poses for the effective use of evidence by different audiences.

Anna joined What Works Scotland in May 2016 and is based at the University of Glasgow.


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