Research assistant

Maureen works as a researcher for What Works Scotland,

She is also a PhD student at the University of Glasgow, due to submit her thesis in summer 2017.

About Maureen’s research

Maureen has conducted research for What Works Scotland, focused on a project exploring community responses to prejudice and hate crime.

She is now working on a project to explore the educational needs and experiences of refugee children in Scotland.

Maureen’s PhD research is intended to develop more theoretically-informed approach to the study of sectarianism in Scotland than the current mainstream scholarship offers. She explores how people make sense of new hierarchies of belonging and exclusion that have emerged in contemporary society, and aims to develop a critical framework which places power and inequality at the centre of analysis.

Her publications include a report for the Scottish Government entitled What works to reduce prejudice and discrimination? A review of the evidence, (2015) and she is co-editor of a book entitled No Problem Here: understanding racism in Scotland, which is due to be published in November 2017.

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