Director | Evidence to Action lead

Sarah Morton works at the interface between social research, policy and practice in a range of leadership roles.

She is a Director of What Works Scotland, leading on the Evidence to action stream that aims to increase ways that local authorities can use evidence to develop public services.

As Co-Director (Knowledge Exchange) at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, Sarah leads a Knowledge Exchange team which facilitates ways in which research on families and relationships can be widely used, carries out research on evidence to action, and leads on strategy for the Centre.

Sarah’s other roles include:

Sarah has been an Associate Editor of the journal Evidence and Policy since 2014. She was a member of the Scottish Funding Council’s working group on Knowledge Exchange and Public Policy.

She has been the knowledge exchange adviser for two UK-wide ESRC centres – Timescapes and the Centre for Population Change – and is currently advising a research group from the University of Toronto on their knowledge exchange strategy.

About Sarah’s research

Sarah’s research has investigated the process assessing the impact of research on policy and practice.

She has a specialism in Contribution Analysis and uses this approach in a variety of projects, often working with non-academic partners. Sarah has developed a research synthesis service for the children and family sector, and has working on the issues of research partnerships.

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