What Works Scotland co-director Peter Craig has contributed to new evaluation support materials for health and wellbeing professionals.

The Evaluation in health and wellbeing resource has been published by Public Health England to support the evaluation of interventions, products, services, projects or programs and to support better local and national evidence-based commissioning and investment.

It includes:

  1. an overview of evaluation
  2. guide to guidance: links to 48 manuals, frameworks or guides on evaluation with reviews about their usefulness
  3. CPD materials, with videos, blogs and presentations  to help people develop their knowledge and understanding

Peter contributed his expertise on evaluability assessment, including a talk and presentation for the training resources.

About evaluability assessment

What Works Scotland has identified evaluability assessment as one of its key approaches to improving the use of evaluation and evidence by community planning partnerships.

See our evaluability assessment working paper which sets out the essentials of the evaluability assessment approach, describes how evaluability assessment has been used to date, examples relevant to Scotland and suggestions for how it may be used in future.

Evaluability Assessment: a systematic approach to deciding whether and how to evaluate programmes and policies