Blog: Messy collaboration

How do we ensure that diversity flourishes in collaborations and partnerships? What Works Scotland co-director Ken Gibb reflects on the argument of applied economist Tim Hartford in his January 2017 book, Messy, on creativity and resilience.

Experiences of refugee resettlement in Scotland

This workshop is focused deepening our understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by refugees who have resettled in Scotland. It will share the findings from two new What Works Scotland research reports which look at how public services are responding to meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

Transforming communities? Exploring the roles of community anchor organisations in public service reform, local democracy, community resilience and social change

Report, summary and policy briefing which explores the developing role of key independent community sector organisations known as community anchors. Using six exemplars, it identifies characteristics of a community anchor organisations and their roles in engaging with, leading and challenging public service reform, local democracy, community resilience and social change.

Community Planning Officials Survey: Understanding the everyday work of local participatory governance in Scotland

Report and executive summary of the findings from the first survey of community planning officials (managers and officers) conducted in Scotland. It sheds light on the composition of this significant group of local public servants, their role, the work they undertake and the implications for community planning partnerships and community engagement.