Partnership is vital to What Works Scotland.

We bring together researchers with a wide range of expertise and knowledge from the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We create opportunities for meaningful connections and set up spaces for productive interaction, through collaborative projects and events, between our researchers, local and national partners, and individuals working in public services in Scotland.

We also draw on international evidence and have created links with organisations tackling public service reform agendas in Europe.

Our local partners

We worked with four specific community planning partnerships in Aberdeenshire, Fife, Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire as case sites in a programme of collaborative action research (CAR), evidence synthesis and knowledge to action.

See more about the CAR projects and evidence on the case sites page

Our national partners

Our national partners are key agencies and centres in Scotland with an expertise and interest in public service reform, and which support the public and third sector workforces.

These are:

We also regularly work with Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research; the Academy of Government, the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit and Policy Scotland.

What Works network

What Works Scotland is part of the UK-wide What Works network of seven centres and two affiliates.

Our model for our work, which mirrors the Scottish Approach for public service reform, has been different to that used by the other What Works centres. Our approach is now influencing new centres elsewhere in the UK.