Housing officers from Glasgow Housing Association followed their new chief executive’s approach to leadership – what would you do if your organisational head said, “Think Yes” in everything you do?

Authors: Claire Bynner and Ken Gibb, What Works Scotland

Date: 24 July 2015

In this blog Claire Bynner and Ken Gibb describe the experiences and impact of this leadership programme from the point of view of staff at  Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), who shared the story of Think Yes at a What Works Scotland Roundtable event at Glasgow University.

In the early 2000s, GHA struggled—a fraught relationship with key partners and community based housing association, the stalled secondary stage transfer programme, low levels of tenant satisfaction and staff morale.

However, the event focused on the transformational effects of GHA’s new leadership programme. While interest in its terrific success has come mainly from the private sector, rather than the public, there is still a strong drive for reform and space for such initiatives to prosper. Organisations could trial the approach in a particular aspect or area to explore its benefits and challenges.

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