Dr Alexandra Wright was supported to undertake her PhD – ‘Exploring evidence-based policy implementation: a case of alcohol policy in Scotland’ – by What Works Scotland.

Her areas of research interest are health policy, policy implementation, health systems research, public policy, knowledge exchange, evidence and alcohol policy.

What Works Scotland publications

Local Alcohol Policy Implementation in Scotland: Understanding the role of of accountability within licensing

This article is based on the research Alex Wright carried out when undertaking her PhD. It explores how alcohol policy is implemented locally in Scotland. Scotland has been ambitious in its policy and legislative efforts to tackle alcohol-related harm, efforts which include the innovative feature of a ‘public health objective’ within local alcohol licensing. However alcohol-related harms and inequalities persist. She argues that there is a lack of accountability mechanisms acting upon Scottish Licensing Boards to ensure they contribute to the public health goals of the Scottish alcohol strategy.

Read the article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (open access) (June 2019)

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