This toolkit was produced by practitioners in Glasgow’s Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Group, to assess the impact of PB activities and develop an improvement plan.

Graphic illustrating the Participatory Budgeting evaluation process. Four arrows point from one to the next starting with one labelled Aim, then Planning, then Process, then Impact. Underneath are pieces of text that relate to each arrow, as follows: Aim: What to do we want to achieve?, Planning: How good is our leadership?, Process: How good is our delivery of key processes? Impact: What key outcomes have we achieved? All four sections have smaller arrows in both directions up up to each individual section and down to a piece of text that underlies all four sections which asks ''What is out our capacity for improvement?This toolkit is intended to support any individual or group organising a PB activity to plan how to evaluate their PB process, and to collate the evidence and information required. It offers a ‘pick and mix’ approach so that PB organisers can select what should be evaluated depending on the size and scale of the PB activity they are leading.

It allows PB organisers to determine how best to assess how their organisation or community group did at:

  • leadership and governance of the PB activity (planning)
  • delivery of key PB processes (process)
  • outcomes from the PB activity (impact)

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Type of publication: Resource

Date of publication: June 2017

Developing the toolkit

See more about the collaborative process used by Glasgow Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Group and What Works Scotland to create the Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Toolkit.


screenshot of text from pg 14 of the Local Government In Scotland Challenges And Performance 2018 report which includes: "Glasgow's Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Group, PB Consulting and What Works Scotland have produced a range of participatory budgeting guides and an evaluation toolkit to help councils."

The Toolkit was highlighted in the Audit Scotland report Local government in Scotland: Challenges and performance 2018 (page 14) published in April 2018.