Daniel van Amersfoort left What Works Scotland in 2018.

Research Assistant

Head and shoulders of Daniel Van AmersfoortDaniel van Amersfoort is working with Professor Nick Watson and Professor Chris Chapman on the leadership workstream at What Works Scotland.

He is also working with the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change.

About Daniel’s research

Daniel has a background in educational research and spent the last seven years at the Open University of the Netherlands where he worked as both a consultant and a researcher to support and investigate teacher learning in networks and communities.

Most of his work was in close collaboration with local authorities, headteachers and teachers to shape collaborative teacher learning within and between schools. Building on that work, he is currently writing his doctoral dissertation on value creation in networks and communities.

Through the practice driven research and consultancy work he has done, he developed a particular interest in the leadership and culture that are required to foster a climate for continuous learning and improvement, on which he will be building in his work with What Works Scotland.

What Works Scotland publications

Contact Daniel

Email: Daniel.VanAmersfoort@glasgow.ac.uk