Policy briefing – Evaluability Assessment: A collaborative approach to planning evaluations

This policy briefing focuses on evaluability assessment, a systematic and collaborative approach to deciding whether and how an evaluation should be done. EA involves stakeholders working together to reach a consensus view of what the policy or service change is expected to achieve, what data sources are available to measure change processes and outcomes, and what is the best approach to evaluation.

Blog: Governing with the people

Claudia Chwalisz, senior policy researcher, discusses political participation for citizens. The blog, from August 2015, explores case studies where people have been given a genuine voice in decision making, following Claudia’s research for The Populist Signal.

Evaluation of Police and Fire Reform

Annual evaluations of the police and fire reform, which aim to assess if the aims of the reform have been met, identify lessons for future public service reform and evaluate the wider impact of the reform. The evaluations are produced by What Works Scotland, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and ScotCen for Scottish Government.