17th – 23rd October is Challenge Poverty Week

Click here  for a range of articles and to participate in discussions with academics based in universities across Scotland on topics such as poverty, inequality, or deprivation.

Articles already available include:

  • Morag Treanor: “Recent changes to measuring child poverty”
  • Gerry Mooney: “The production of social inequality and social insecurity: uncovering the Class Politics of ‘Austerity’”
  • Lindsay Paterson: “Inequality and student finance”
  • Paul Spicker: “We need more resources than income alone”
  • Jackie Gulland: ”Poverty in the archives: a take of persistence”
  • David Webster: “’Poverty punishment’ Overkill: The deliberate creation of destitution through benefit sanctions”
  • Kirstein Rummery: “Women’s Poverty and Austerity”