place-based-cover-imageAn overview of place-based working both historically and in the context of current practice across Scotland has been published by WWS partner  the Improvement Service.

Place-based approaches to joint planning, resourcing and delivery – An overview of current practice in Scotland captures current place-based activities within 27 local authority areas and includes a synthesis of published materials on the subject.

Whilst there is evidence of a wide variety of approaches being undertaken, the research also highlights a range of common principles that feature across most areas.

The report includes a practical checklist that summarises key issues that partnerships may wish to consider, either when embarking upon a new place-based initiative or when reviewing existing activities.

Referring to the new publication, Colin Mair, Chief Executive of the Improvement Service, said:

“The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 is likely to increase significantly the focus on place-based working.  In contrast to historical approaches, which often involved significant injections of external funding, a major challenge in place-based working going forward will be to engage and embed effective approaches by utilising partners’ mainstream resources as well as broader community assets.  Much of this is likely to entail changes to traditional models of collaboration, service design and delivery mechanisms. Ensuring these challenges are met will undoubtedly require a clear vision and strong leadership from Community Planning Partnerships.

The Improvement Service will seek to work with other national improvement bodies to help ensure CPPs are supported effectively in this area.  As a first step, and in response to demand identified during the research, the IS will establish a place-based learning network to encourage collaboration on common challenges and the sharing of good practice.”

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