Three internships are now available with What Works Scotland and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) for any student registered for a PhD.

The internships will support the exchange of ideas, debate and fresh thinking among a diverse range of stakeholders engaged with the What Works Scotland and GCPH programmes of work, particularly the poverty, disadvantage and the economy work programme.

The aim of this project is to look beyond the current welfare system and explore what a future healthier social protection system could look like in the 21st century.

A co-production approach will be a central aspect of this project. Students will work closely with a designated mentor to undertake a review and synthesis of empirical and theoretical research that will lead to the production of three scoping documents.

The three scoping documents will cover interrelated themes:

  1. The future role of social protection in the promotion of health and wellbeing.
  2. The future role of social protection and the changing nature of work.
  3. Exploration of alternative systems of social protection.

The final documents will be published on the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and What Works Scotland websites.

Some possible themes have been identified to serve as a framework for the work. They are not exhaustive and we would welcome applicants’ views on other important themes that could merit inclusion.

The three internships are non-salaried work placements that provide students registered for a PhD degree the opportunity to apply to work with the GCPH and What Works Scotland. All the internships are on a full-time working basis for three months (13 weeks) between April 2017 and October 2017.  Each student will receive a monthly stipend equivalent to the ESRC standard maintenance stipend.

The internships will be based in the Social Research Hub, University of Glasgow, and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health which are both located at the Olympia Building, Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow.

Apply now

See the Information Pack (PDF) for more details.

To apply, complete the Application Pack (Word) including a statement of support from your principal supervisor, and submit it along with a two-page curriculum vitae and an Equalities Monitoring Form (Word).

Closing date is 1 May 2017 

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